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MY FAVORITE STYLES:  “I love transitional styles that will take me from morning at the airport, to afternoon of location walkthroughs, to a dinner meeting. My all-time favorite styles helping me through the day are... Emiline, Kerrie, Kinsley, Samantha, Dalee.” SHOP NOW.

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N VOICES  THE INTERVIEWS “Over time, and especially after having cancer, I recognized that we all have light within us.” LIVE IN YOUR OWN LIGHT. ALYSSA ROSENHECK . WHAT DOES LIVING IN YOUR OWN LIGHT MEAN?  This is one of my favorite sayings. As an interiors and architectural photographer, I let the light of each space guide me from room to room. I throw out all of my previous plans, allowing myself to become present. This is a meditative state for me. When we become present, still and connected to ourselves, our own inner light will guide us. This, for me, is living in my light. It means that I’m living from my most authentic core with great love, a sense of service and a deep spirit fueling my dreams. By practicing this, I believe I inspire others to do the same.

HOW CAN OTHER WOMEN LIVE IN THEIR LIGHT? Take stock in how you are making daily decisions. Ask yourself, “Am I making this decision out of love or fear?” Choose love. Follow the light. What in your day energizes you? What brings you joy? What are you grateful for? Identify this. Do more of this. Make your fear work for you. Write down one thing you are afraid of doing this month and just do that. I use fear as a litmus test for growth and the direction I need to pursue. I have learned that the magic, the vulnerability and growth all lie within the discomfort of embracing our fears.

YOU HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT...TELL US MORE. My goal with the book is to inspire women and other creatives in living their fullest life. The light in each image, the substance in the stories and the voices on every page are intentionally featured to expand your creative pursuits. Your calling and your style already exist deep within you. Sometimes you need a nudge to take a risk and pinpoint the passion. I want this book to help you find it. The New Southern is a lifestyle and a design movement. I hope to champion creative entrepreneurs with ties to the South who are redefining their own landscape. This project is based on unity, creative prosperity and living your best life.

YOUR PORTRAIT IN THIS STORY SHOWS US A CLEAR SCAR ON YOUR NECK THAT YOU WEAR PROUDLY. WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU?  My scar is important to me because we all have them, and it's these external and internal marks that are like personal invitations for us to fully step into our own power. Our stories are different, but what unites us is how we heal from our emotional and physical marks. Honoring the past, the scar on my neck is a gift. It’s a symbol of courage for the battle I won with cancer.

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