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“It’s effortless and flexible, changing with my mood. Irreverent is one word that comes to mind, not taking myself too seriously.”

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“I think there is a need for our current culture to acknowledge our shared humanity.”  REBECCA | CREATING THE OUTRAGE WAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CONNECT WOMEN AND THE CAUSES THEY CARE ABOUT  I started The Outrage because I wanted to make it easy for people to connect with the causes they care about. Today The Outrage has become an organic blend of community and a hub for activism.  It started with the idea of just wanting feminist apparel. I had three criteria for this collection. I wanted it to be aesthetically on point, ethically produced and sourced, and I wanted it to be founded and run by women.   I couldn’t find it so I created it myself.

“I see my role as a leader for the brilliant women on my team, as someone who’s just there to knock down barriers and let them run.”  REBECCA | THE CHALLENGES FACED BY FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS REQUIRE OPTIMISM  “I don’t roll with the first ‘no’ I get.” Someone says ‘no’ to an idea every day. So, I just ask someone else. I’m not immune to feedback but I do think women, especially women in business, get a lot more ‘no’s’.  At The Outrage we’ve got a business with a very strong mission, so it’s non-negotiable. I’m irreverent. If I followed the rules I wouldn’t get very far. I’m relentless. That’s how I get things done. And I’m generous; it’s important to give back when you can.   With a background in international development, I always wanted to work on big societal issues. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to focus on them domestically here in the US. It started before the Women’s March and the last election.   After the election, we became a blend of community and hub for activism. Our first pop-up had 4-hour lines. 200,000 people came, they wanted to wear their values. What we didn’t expect is people wanted to come in and be here in person.

“We’re living in a moment where individual actions can start real change”  REBECCA | THE BIRTH OF MY SON AND MY NIECE WERE IMPORTANT IN ILLUMINATING THE DIFFERENCES IN OPPORTUNITIES  When my son Leo and my niece Zora were born just months apart, they were also born into a world where society presents a different set of opportunities to each of them. If Leo is a successful CEO, or successful in a variety of fields, he will find himself in the majority. My niece Zora will not. And as a young woman of color, her successes will actually define her as a trailblazer.  Our country does not value women in the way that is deserved, and there is work to do. For all women, it’s important to register to vote. To reach out and contact your representatives. If you are inspired to run for political office there are free boot camps that teach people how to start.   Whatever it is that’s important to you, just take the first step. We’re living in a moment where individual actions can start real change.

“False binaries are my biggest pet peeve.”  REBECCA | AS A LITTLE GIRL, I WAS EXPECTED TO PICK A COLOR…  The first time I went to have nail polish put on, I was asked to pick a color. I was a little girl, and my response challenged the normal expectations — “I don’t need to pick one color, I have ten fingers, and I could even put 100 different colors on one finger.”  Today, I wear two different kinds of nail polish as a reminder not to get stuck making decisions that actually don’t need to be made.   These false choices are often reflected in the lives of women where the question is usually, “Are you going to be a great mother, or are you going to have an amazing career?” In truth, these types of binaries don’t actually exist because so many women do both, and more.   Sometimes you have to break the rules to reclaim what’s actually yours.

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