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Shop Black Leather Kinsley.

MY FAVORITE STYLES:  “These styles make me feel confident, bold and sophisticated. The designs are sleek yet not overpowering, they support and are so comfortable. They make me feel like I could wear them from morning to night, from meetings to events, with stunning results each time: Kinsley, Natalie, and Baylee."

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N VOICES  THE INTERVIEWS  “I always live to not regret. Even when I lacked courage at times, the desire to never regret drove me to speak up.”  THE IMPORTANCE OF CONNECTION.  TIFFANY PHAM  WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE MOGUL?  Since I was 14 years old I had a purpose. That was the year I made a promise to my grandmother. My grandmother inspired me. She provided others in need with information and opportunities, and I promised her I would dedicate my life to the same goal and mission, no matter how hard or challenging.

HOW DOES MOGUL HELP SUPPORT WOMEN IN THEIR PERSONAL JOURNEYS?  We hope that, through Mogul, we can enable women to reach their goals and realize their full potential. With Mogul, doing the impossible is the norm.

WHAT OBSTACLES DID YOU NEED TO OVERCOME TO REALIZE YOUR VISION?  In the founding years, we built the community and the team. In the next years, we built the platform and mobile app. Then came the software, and we brought on the partners that would be needed to sustain the company. Every year, every day, there are different challenges to address and overcome. And every day, we take action and strive to be our best, just as we encourage all of our women worldwide.

AS A WOMAN CEO, AUTHOR AND ROLE MODEL, WHAT LESSONS HAVE YOU LEARNED ALONG THE WAY THAT COULD HELP US ALL?  Remember that a “no” is a “not right now” that will turn into a “yes.” Whenever you try to do something different, something worth doing, you will encounter resistance. You will hear no’s. But forget them. Keep going, keep striving ahead for that yes. You will get there. In the meantime, don’t worry about being perfect. Just get started and you will get toward perfection over time.

DEFINE THE KEY VALUES THAT MAKE A WOMAN A GREAT LEADER AND... A MOGUL.  Taking action, not just thinking about action.  Collaborating and communicating in real-time with your team.  Standing up for what you believe in.

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