Meet the N Voices

Sharing the movements and messages of women who inspire us with their actions and their style.

Taylor Ray Jr

“Being a muscular woman makes me feel comfortable because I wear my confidence like armor.”


–Taylor Ray, Jr. Graphic Designer

Nicola Gorham

“For Every Woman means just that: every cis woman, every trans woman, every non-binary person. We stand up for and behind every one of those people.”


–Nicola Gorham, actor/performer/artist, @missnicolagorham

Andrea Reisfeld

“I am 61 and am not constricted by any sense of being ‘too old’ for anything.”


–Andrea Raisfeld, Location Agent

Alissa Wilson

“Society likes to tell women that in order to belong, you have to look a certain way. That’s not okay.”


–Alissa Wilson, Fashion Editor/Digital Creator, @stylishcurves